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Husband’s unique jugaad of checking the current in the wire will make you laugh and laugh.

One day the husband was fixing the lights of his house.
Then he called out to his wife…
Wife – What is it?
Husband – Just come here…
Wife – come here, speak now?
Husband- These are two strings, please hold any one of them in your hand.
Wife – Why?
Husband- hey you catch it right once
Wife – got it here
Husband: Did something happen?
Wife – If not…
Husband – Well, it means the current is in the second wire..

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Treasure of funny jokes.

Husband and wife were eating golgappas in the same plate.
Looking into each other’s eyes, the wife asked romantically.
What are you seeing like this?
Husband – Don’t eat comfortably, my turn is not coming..

Funny Jokes

Treasure of funny jokes. Image Canva

A beggar was fed up with his daily demands.
One day he asked his friend for an idea that what to eat that would never end.
Friend advised – chewing gum …

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