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Hypothyroidism is very harmful for health, know its causes and risk factors


Symptoms like lack of sleep and nervousness can be felt in hypothyroidism.
The risk of hypothyroidism is higher in women.
Autoimmune disorders are the main cause of hypothyroidism.

Causes and Risk Factors of Hyperthyroidism: Hypothyroidism is a common disease in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone. The risk of hypothyroidism is found more in women, mainly because of autoimmune disorders. In hypothyroidism, a person can see symptoms like lack of sleep and nervousness. To detect hypothyroidism, you should make a routine of regular checkups. If you also want to protect yourself from the symptoms of hypothyroidism, then we have brought the main causes and risk factors of hypothyroidism for you. Let’s know

Common causes of hypothyroidism:
Graves’ disease
According to VeryWellHealth.com, Graves is a type of autoimmune disorder in which a person’s immune system makes antibodies, due to which the production of thyroid hormones increases.

Thyroiditis i.e. inflammation of the thyroid gland is also one of the main causes of hypothyroidism.
The risk of thyroiditis in women increases to a great extent after pregnancy and they become victims of hypothyroidism.

Other causes of hypothyroidism:
According to health experts, excessive consumption of medicines increases the risk of hypothyroidism.
Excessive use of iodine can trigger hyperthyroidism.

Main risk factors of hypothyroidism:
To prevent hypothyroidism, it is very important to know its risk factors, so that you can recognize its early symptoms and take the right treatment. Let’s know
Women are at higher risk of hypothyroidism
– Suffering from autoimmune diseases
Family history of hypothyroidism or thyroid
– pregnancy
– smoking
– Excessive use of iodine-containing medicines
– Deficiency of Vitamin D and Selenium in the body
– Mental stress and depression

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Symptoms of Hypothyroidism:
– lack of sleep
– abnormal hair loss
– feeling dizzy and nervous
– fast heartbeat
– increased appetite
– to be sold all the time
Excessive sweating etc.

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