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I lose my erection as soon as I enter the vagina, what should I do?

Question: I am 20 years old and my girlfriend is 19 years old. She is virgin. We tried to have sex a couple of times, but as soon as I try to insert a penis into her vagina, I lose my erection. This hasn’t happened before. Please advice what we can do to stop this.

Answer: Since you have had sex experience, and you’re not even a virgin, it’s unlikely that performance anxiety could be the cause. To identify and treat the cause, please visit a sexologist.

The reason for performance anxiety?

The reason for performance anxiety can be different from person to person. For example, boys who visit porn sites and masturbate regularly for a long time often have this problem as they try to turn sexual fantasies into reality. Whereas in girls, it is usually because of the fear of pain during intercourse.

There are 3 types of problems


Boys suffering from performance anxiety usually have problems with erections due to the fast-paced rush in fantasies. This problem is usually of 3 types. First – no erection, second – erection for a very short time, and third – ejaculate before intercourse.

What is the solution?


People suffering from performance anxiety need psychological treatment and anti-anxiety medicine. This problem can be completely cured, just the patient should get the right guidance and treatment. During this, if necessary, both the couples are biologically checked up, counseling is done and stress management is emphasized.

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