Identify real and fake honey at home, follow 4 easy tips, purity will be checked in minutes

Pure and Impure Honey: The use of honey is quite common in the daily life of most people. Consuming honey containing anti-bacterial elements works to cure many diseases of the body. So at the same time, honey also proves to be the best moisturizing agent for skin and hair care. Can you identify the real honey? At the same time, mistaking it for real honey, do you buy fake honey from the market?

Nowadays even honey has not remained untouched by adulteration in the market. In such a situation, most of the people who buy honey knowingly or unknowingly bring fake honey. Whose consumption is not at all beneficial for health. So let’s know the tips to identify real and fake honey, by following which you can avoid the use of adulterated honey.

take help of hot water

You can use hot water to check the purity of honey. For this, put 1 teaspoon of honey in 1 glass of hot water. In such a situation, the real honey will settle down in the glass. On the other hand, when mixed with honey, it will easily dissolve in water.

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fire test

You can also get an idea of ​​real and fake honey by putting honey in the fire. For this, wrap cotton in wood. Now soak this cotton in honey and keep it on top of a burning candle. In such a situation, the real honey will immediately catch fire and the cotton will start burning. On the other hand, if honey is mixed with water, the cotton will not catch fire quickly.

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test with tissue paper

It is also best to use tissue paper to test the purity of honey. For this drop a few drops of honey on the tissue paper. In this case, fake honey will be kept on the tissue paper as it is. On the other hand, when honey is mixed, the tissue paper will absorb the honey.

put honey on bread

You can also identify real and fake honey by dropping honey on bread. For this put honey on the bread. In such a situation, if water is mixed in honey, then the bread will become wet. On the other hand, if pure honey is added, the bread will remain dry.

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