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Identify real-fake black pepper in these easy ways, know the disadvantages of eating it


Papaya seeds are commonly used to make fake black pepper.
Put black pepper on a table and press it with your thumb, if it breaks then it is fake.

Tips and tricks: Consumption of black pepper is very beneficial for health. From enhancing the taste of food to making tea tasty, many people like to use black pepper. But do you know that black pepper is also fake. Yes, the consumption of fake black pepper is very harmful for health. In such a situation, by following some easy tips, you can easily identify real and fake black pepper.

By the way, the consumption of black pepper works to increase the immunity of the body. But as much as eating real black pepper is beneficial, fake black pepper also has as many disadvantages. On the other hand, due to not being able to identify the real black pepper, people often buy fake pepper from the market. So let us tell you about the disadvantages of fake pepper and some easy ways to identify it.

Tips for spotting fake pepper
Fake black pepper is very easy to identify. To identify it, first place the black pepper purchased from the market on a table. After that try to crack the black pepper by pressing it with your thumb. In such a situation, the fake black pepper will break easily. On the other hand, real black pepper does not break with the pressure of the thumb.

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Disadvantages of eating fake black pepper
There are many health benefits of eating fake black pepper. Due to its consumption, where there is a risk of burning, itching and rashes on the skin. At the same time, the possibility of stomach ulcers also increases due to fake black pepper. Apart from this, by consuming fake black pepper, you can also become a victim of respiratory diseases like asthma.

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How to make fake black pepper
According to the Foot Safety and Standards Authority, there are many ways to make fake black pepper. People usually use papaya seeds to make fake black pepper. After drying them they look exactly like black pepper.

Also, their taste is also very similar to black pepper. In such a situation, most people are not able to detect real and fake black pepper by tasting it.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the relevant expert before implementing them.)

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