If children are troubled by the habit of playing online games, then these methods will work

Parenting Tips: Today’s children’s love for smartphones is not hidden from anyone. Smartphones have become an important part of the daily routine of children, especially after the Corona period. At the same time, most of the children have also become accustomed to playing online games in the phone and even after lakhs of efforts, parents fail to get rid of this habit of children. In such a situation, if you want, by trying some methods, you can get rid of children’s addiction to playing online games.

The craze of playing online games in children has increased so much that many children spend most of their time playing games. The direct effect of which can be seen on children’s education as well as their health. In such a situation, some easy tips can help you in getting rid of this addiction of children. Let us know about them.

vigilance is necessary
Children often download their favorite game by visiting Google Play Store and are busy playing the same game day and night. In such a situation, parents need to keep an eye on the online activities of their children. Of course, you cannot stop playing children’s games all at once. But by keeping children away from games like PUBG, you can definitely stop their gaming addiction from getting stronger.

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Check Age Rating
If you want, you can also check the age rating of children’s favorite games on Google Play Store. In such a situation, if that game is not according to the age of your children, then do not let the children play it at all. Also, make children aware of the disadvantages of playing online games and try to understand the difference between good and bad with love.

keep away from these games
Some online games are nothing short of a bad addiction. In such a situation, it becomes necessary to keep children away from these games. Therefore, do not allow children to play video games with violent guns at all. Due to this, children actually feel like firing guns and when given a chance, children can carry out any accident.

Raise awareness among children
Try to increase awareness among children about the disadvantages of online games. Teach children about the disadvantages of these games. Also, do not use the smartphone too much in front of children and prevent children from doing the same. Apart from this, keep electronic gadgets away from the children’s room.

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monitor like this
You can take the help of Google Family Link to keep an eye on children’s smart phones and online activities. Apart from this, you can also track the smartphone activities of children by putting a screen timer in the phone. You can also take help of such apps which can be helpful in getting rid of phone addiction from children. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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