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If someone is attracted towards you, you can identify in these 5 ways


The way someone looks shows to what extent he is attracted to you.
In such a situation, he tries to spend a good time staying as close to you as possible.

Attraction body language Signs: It is not an easy task for everyone to express their feelings. Especially when you want to express your love. In such a situation, either there is a fear in the mind that there may be a victim of rejection or there should be embarrassment among the people. To avoid such a terrifying experience, some people hide their feelings instead of being direct. But while doing this, there are some such things that start telling in an indirect way the growing attachment in your mind towards someone. best life In this relationship and body language experts are giving information that by looking at which gestures you can understand that the person in front of you is attracted to you and is suppressing the feelings of his mind. Let’s know how.

looks at your face differently
psychologists in california Dr. Kim Chronister It is said that when someone looks at you, it can be ascertained from the way they look, to what extent they are attracted to you. When you talk to your best friend or friend that you talk by looking in the eyes, whereas if someone is attracted towards you, then he talks looking at your whole face as if scanning.

try to spend more time with you
Relationship Expert PhD Jess O’Reilly According to this, when someone is attracted to someone, he tries to spend as much time as possible and as close to you as possible. For example, when you sit together at the table, he tries to sit on the nearest seat.

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physical touch
Socialist and Clinical Sexologist sara melankan According to this, handshake between friends, placing hands on shoulders, rubbing each other’s feet, etc. is a common occurrence. But when you are romantically attracted to someone, physical touch releases the hormone oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”. It can help us “feel more connected” with someone.

chat with smile
Mental Health Officer Kerry Lauder
It is said that smile is a way to express your feelings. This can be called the beginning of romantic attraction.

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feeling nervous around you
If someone who is attracted to you feels nervous all the time around you. For example, blushing when you are near, choosing the wrong words and sweating in their palms.

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