If there is any kind of problem in the train … or if you want to give any suggestion, then this service of the railway will come in handy, you will get the solution immediately.


Through the Railway Madad app, you can register a complaint about any train or station.
You can also track your lodged complaint on the Railway Madad app.
You can see the status of your complaint.

New Delhi. Train is such a means by which lakhs of people travel in a day. During this journey, he also has to face a lot of problems. Keeping this in mind, not one or two, but many facilities are provided to the passengers by the Indian Railways. Railways has prepared ‘Rail Madad App’ so that passengers traveling in trains do not face any problem. Through this app, passengers can get solutions to all the problems faced during the train journey, as well as register their complaints.

Explain that the Ministry of Railways has started 24×7 multiple channel customer support service ‘Rail Madad’ (RailMadad) to help the passengers. This service can be accessed through an app, website, e-mail, post, social media and a helpline service. Let us know how this help app helps you to file a complaint.

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