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If this is your skin type then do not use cream at all

Skin Care Advice: You must have often heard at home that cream makes the skin soft and glowing. You must have also seen that many women and even boys use cream to enhance the skin. But sometimes its use can also spoil our skin. It is not beneficial for all skin types. Today we are going to tell you what type of skin people should not use cream. This can damage their skin…

oily skin

People with oily skin should avoid applying cream on their skin, otherwise they may get harmed. Oily skin produces a lot of sebum. At the same time, oil or greasiness is also present in the cream, due to which your oily skin will become even more oily. Apart from this, the pores formed in your body can also get blocked due to the application of cream. Due to this, some bad or harmful bacteria can spoil your skin.

skin with pimples

People who have the problem of pimples or acne on their face, they should not apply cream at all. People with pimples or acne problems have a high amount of sebum in their skin. In such a situation, when you apply cream, due to oil, dirt can accumulate in your skin. Due to this, the problem of pimples and acne can increase rapidly on your face, so such people should not use cream on their skin at all.

sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin should use anything only after a lot of thinking. Applying cream on sensitive skin can make the problem of allergy very troublesome. So avoid it.

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