If you are concerned about heart health, then include these things in your diet.

Replace High Calorie Food With Low Cholesterol Diet Do you also want to reduce cholesterol, that too without giving up delicious food and without any diet. It can be possible, just some healthy options have to be included in the daily diet chart. High cholesterol level has become a big problem these days. Now children are also coming in the grip of this problem along with elders. Due to busy and run-of-the-mill lifestyle, wrong eating is promoting cholesterol. Everyone wants to have a tasty and nutritious diet, but due to the fear of cholesterol, many people are forced to eat tasteless food. So why not swap your favorite food with a healthier option while retaining the taste. Let us know how to replace high cholesterol food with low cholesterol diet.

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replace salted nuts with cheese
Many people consume nuts to stay healthy, which is really beneficial, but compared to plain, salted nuts can increase the amount of cholesterol in the body. according to If cheese or paneer is consumed instead of nuts before dinner, the body can get more benefit. Apart from paneer, soya can also be chosen.

Using olive oil instead of butter
If you want to make salad dressing or stir fry vegetables, then you should avoid using more butter. Butter contains unsaturated fat which can increase the amount of cholesterol. That’s why ghee or olive oil can be chosen instead of butter. This will increase the taste of the dish as well as improve health.

replace chicken with fish
Protein-rich chicken also has a high amount of carbs. More oil or butter is used to make it, which can make it unhealthy. If fish is used instead of chicken, it can be more beneficial. If cholesterol is to be reduced through food, then fish can be the best option. It contains omega-3 fatty acids in abundance and the amount of fat is also very less.

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replace quinoa with rice
These days fitness freak people are using quinoa more. A cup of quinoa has 15 percent fewer carbohydrates, 60 percent more protein and 25 percent more fiber than rice. Which can help in reducing cholesterol. Quinoa can be included in the diet instead of rice.
Everyone likes to eat healthy and tasty food, but if a little change is made in the food, then the amount of cholesterol can be cut. Before making changes in diet, take expert advice.

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