If you are doing Jagran in Navratri, then your wish will be fulfilled only after listening to the story of Tara Rani.

The king praised Taramati’s devotion and said that O Tara! I am very pleased with your conduct. My blessed part that you have received me as a wife. After this, King Harishchandra got a grand temple prepared.

Mother’s Jagran and checkpoints are organized in different parts of the country during Navratri festival. In today’s era, the nature of mother’s awakening is also changing. In Jagrans these days singers sing more on the lines of film songs and the devotees also feel that just sing nacho and bring prasad. But it should not be so. The purity of this event should be maintained. Many singers nowadays, who give a fancy form to Mother’s Jagran, do not narrate the story of Tara Rani at the end of Jagran, which is wrong. Since ancient times, there has been a tradition of listening to the story of Queen Tara Devi in ​​the awakening of the mother. It should be kept in mind by all that without this story, Jagran is not considered complete. In Kaliyuga, worship of Durga Shakti fulfills the wishes of the devotees and gives peace to the mind. Therefore, if you are getting Jagran done or participating in Jagran, then definitely listen to the story of Tara Rani.

The story of Tara Rani is as follows-

The two daughters of Maharaja Daksha, Tara Devi and Rukman Bhagwati had unwavering faith in the devotion of Durgaji. Both the sisters used to observe fast on Ekadashi regularly and used to recite kirtan and Mahatmya with love in the awakening of mother. Once on the day of Ekadashi, the younger sister, Rukman, by mistake ate non-vegetarian food. When Tara Devi came to know about it, she got very angry on Rukman and said that you are my sister, but even after getting a human body, you acted like a lowly creature, you are eligible to become a lizard. Rukman took the words out of the mouth of the elder sister and at the same time asked the remedy for atonement. Tara said that all sins are washed away by sacrifice and benevolence.

In the second birth, Tara Devi became Apsara of Indralok and younger sister Rukman started looking for an opportunity of atonement in the lizard vagina. In the Dwapar era, when the Pandavas performed the Ashwamedha Yagya, they sent messengers and invited thirty-three crore gods, including the sage Durvasa. When the messenger Durvasa went to the place of the sage with an invitation, Durvasa said that if thirty three crore gods will participate in that yajna, then I cannot participate in it. The messenger returned after inviting thirty three crore gods and narrated the story of Rishi Durvasa to the Pandavas that he would not come because he had called all the gods. Yagya started. Thirty three crore deities came to participate in the Yagya. Not seeing Durvasa Rishi, he asked the Pandavas why the sage was not called. To this the Pandavas humbly replied that the invitation had been sent but he did not come because of arrogance. In the yagya, worship, havan etc. were completed smoothly. The preparation of the bhandara for the food started.

When Durvasa Rishi saw that the Pandavas had neglected him, he took the form of a bird in anger, took a snake in its beak and threw it into the storehouse. Nobody knew anything about it. He hid in the pan of the snake pudding. A lizard, who was the younger sister of Tara Devi in ​​the previous life and became a lizard in this life after taking the words of her sister, was watching the snake fall in the storehouse. He still remembered the teachings of sacrifice and philanthropy. The lizard stuck on the wall of the house waiting for the time. He decided to lay down his life to save the lives of many people. When the kheer was about to be given in the store, the lizard jumped from the wall and fell into the pan in front of everyone’s eyes.

In this way, everyone started emptying the kheer kadhai, calling the lizard bad and bad, then at that time they saw a dead snake in it. Now everyone came to know that the lizard has saved their lives by giving his life. In this way all the gentlemen and the gods present prayed for that lizard that he should get the best human vagina among all the species and in the end attain salvation. In the third birth, Lizard became a girl in the house of King Sparsh. The second sister, Tara Devi, took the birth of a human again and married Harishchandra, the majestic king of Ayodhya, named Taramati. King Sparsh got the girl’s horoscope made by astrologers. The astrologers told the king that the girl would prove to be harmful to the king, the omen is not good, so you get her killed. The king said that it is a great sin to kill the girl. I cannot be a part of that sin. Then the astrologers thought and gave their opinion that O Rajan! You put gold and silver etc. on top of a wooden box. Then lock the girl inside that box and make it flow in the river. The gold-silver studded wooden box will surely be taken out by greed and will also take care of your daughter. In this way you will not incur any kind of sin. In this way, a Harijan saw a trunk flowing in the river near Kashi. He brought the box out of the river. When opened, besides gold and silver, a beautiful girl was also seen in it.

That Harijan had no children. When he gave that girl to his wife, his happiness knew no bounds. Like his own child, he hugged the girl to the chest. By the grace of Bhagwati, milk came out in her breasts. The husband and wife lovingly named the girl Rukko. When the girl was eligible for marriage, Harijan married her with great fanfare with a homogeneous youth of Ayodhya. In this way Rukman of first birth became Lizard of second birth and Rukko in third birth. Rukko’s mother-in-law used to go to Maharaj Harishchandra’s house for cleaning etc. One day she fell ill. Rukko reached Maharaj Harishchandra’s house to work. When Maharaj’s wife Taramati saw Rukko, she recognized him by virtue of her previous birth. Then Taramati told Rukko that O sister! You come and sit here near me. After listening to the queen, Rukko said that Rani ji, I am a Bhilni of low caste, how can I sit with you.

Then Taramati said, Sister! You were my real sister in the previous birth. Because of breaking the fast of Ekadashi, you had to go into the vagina of a lizard. What was meant to happen has happened. Now try to rectify this birth of yours and make your birth successful by serving Bhagwati Vaishno Devi Mata. Hearing this, Rukko was very happy and asked her solution. The queen told that Vaishno Mata is the one who fulfills all the desires. Those who worship and do Jagran with devotion, all their wishes are fulfilled.

Rukko was happy, wishing her mother and said that O mother! If by your grace I get a son, then I will also get you worshiped and awakened. The mother accepted the prayer. As a result, in the tenth month, a very beautiful child was born from her womb, but unfortunately Rukko did not take care of the worship or awakening of the mother. The result was that when the child was five years old, he got high fever one day and smallpox i.e. mother came out on the third day. Rukko sadly went to Taramati, the sister of her previous birth and narrated the whole story of the child’s illness.

Hearing all the things, Taramati said that you should meditate a little and see that you have not made any mistake in worshiping your mother. On this, Rukko came to her attention six years ago and accepted her guilt and said that she would definitely get the child awakened when the child gets rest. By the grace of Bhagwati, the child got well the very next day. Then Rukko went to the temple of the goddess and told the pandit that I have to get the mother’s awakening done at my home. Pandit ji said that wait, give five rupees. We will get Jagran done in your name here in the temple. You are a low caste woman, that’s why we can’t walk to your house and awaken the Goddess. Rukko said that O Panditji, there is no thought of high and low in Mata’s court. She blesses all the devotees equally. So you shouldn’t mind. On this, the pundits thought among themselves and said that if Queen Taramati comes to your awakening, then we will also accept it.

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Hearing this, Rukko went to Queen Taramati and narrated the whole story. Taramati gladly accepted to join the Jagran. When Rukko went to tell Pandit that the Queen would come to Jagran, the barber heard this and informed Maharaj Harishchandra. The king heard everything from the army barber and said that your words are false. The Queen cannot go to the Harijans’ house in Jagran. Nevertheless, to take the test, the king made a small incision on his finger at night so that he could not sleep. When Queen Taramati saw that it was time for awakening, but the Maharaj was not able to sleep, she prayed to Mata Vaishno Devi in ​​her heart that, O mother, you should put the king to sleep immediately by some means so that I can participate in the awakening. I can

The king fell asleep. Queen Taramati got down from the palace tying a rope to the skylight and went to Rukko’s house. At that time, due to the hurry, the silk handkerchief of the queen’s hand and an anklet on her feet fell in the way. On the other hand, after a while, King Harishchandra woke up. Then he set out to find the queen. Payal and handkerchief met him on the way and he reached the place of awakening. The king picked up both the things from the road and kept it with him and sitting quietly in a corner, where the awakening was taking place, started watching the whole scene.

When the awakening ended, everyone performed aarti and ardas to the mother. After that Prasad was distributed. When Queen Taramati got the prasad, she kept it in her bag. Seeing this, people asked why did you not eat the prasad. If you don’t eat prasad, no one will eat it. The queen said that whatever you have given me, I have kept it for the Maharaj. Now give me my prasad. This time Tara ate it after taking the prasad. After that all the devotees ate the prasad of the mother. Thus ending the awakening, after eating the prasad, Queen Taramati walked towards the house. Then the king went ahead and blocked the way and said that you have destroyed your religion by eating prasad from the house of the lowly. Now how can I keep you in my house? You have not taken care of the dignity of the clan, even my prestige. You want to make me impure by feeding the prasad that you have brought for me by keeping it in your pocket. Saying this, when the king looked at the bag, by the grace of Bhagwati, instead of the prasad, champa, jasmine, marigold flowers, raw rice, betel nut, makhana, chuhara and coconut appeared in it. ‘This prasad is called prasad to be distributed’. King Harishchandra returned with Queen Tara. There the queen lit the fire to the king without the help of matches and flint with the power of Jwala Maya, seeing which the king’s astonishment increased further. Faith and reverence for the goddess arose in the mind of the king. After this the king told the queen that I want to have a direct darshan of the mother. The queen said that a great sacrifice should be made to have a direct darshan. If you can sacrifice your son Rohit, then you can get direct darshan of Durga Devi. The king had a passion to see the goddess. The king gave up his son’s attachment and offered Rohit’s head to the goddess. Seeing such true reverence and faith, Durga Mata appeared at the same time riding on a lion and King Harishchandra became grateful after seeing Mata. The dead son also became alive. He prayed for forgiveness of crimes by worshiping the mother lawfully. Blessing her to be happy, the mother became deeply meditative.

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The king praised Taramati’s devotion and said that O Tara! I am very pleased with your conduct. My blessed part that you have received me as a wife. After this, King Harishchandra got a grand temple prepared. Queen Tara Devi and Rukman both got released from human vagina and reached Devlok.

The person who reads or listens to this story of Tara Rani in the awakening of the mother with devotion, all his wishes are fulfilled and happiness and prosperity increase. Enemies are destroyed and there is good luck. Jagran is not considered complete without this story. , Jaikara Sheranwali Ka, Bol Sanche Darbar Ki Jai.

-Shubha Dubey

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