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If you are fond of smoking cigarettes then be careful with small cell lung cancer.

Smoking Causes Cancer: There is a direct connection between smoking and cancer. In the form of a guide line on the cigarette boxes, it is clearly written that cigarette causes cancer i.e. cigarettes can cause cancer. Smoking is also believed to be the cause of most lung cancers. Experts say that there are many types of cancer in the lungs. Recently, a study was done in the country regarding lung cancer. The results of the study are disturbing. Smokers also need to be aware of this.

Smoking more increases the risk of getting cancer. The doctors of All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) conducted the study. The study revealed that men who smoke are more likely to develop small cell lung cancer (SCLC). The study revealed that in this type of cancer, malignant cells are formed in the lung tissue. It starts from the bronchi ie the respiratory tubes. They grow very fast and fail all over the body. This stage is called metastasis.

Chances of getting cancer up to 80 percent
This study was done on the people of North India. The study revealed that the study was done on the patients of North India. It revealed that there was an 80 percent chance of cancer in patients who smoked more in the past. At the same time, 65 percent such people were found, who were smoking a lot. About 20 percent of the cases were non-smokers. The risk of small cell lung cancer was also seen in them. In an article published in Lung India, a journal of the Indian Chest Society, it has been revealed that if 2.5 mm of particulate matter is in the air for a long time and a person comes in contact with these particles for a long time, then they also have the risk of getting lung cancer. The probability increases.

Cases decreased, but the consequences were serious
A total of 361 patients with SCLC were studied for more than 12 years. The age of the people involved in the study was 46-70 years. The study revealed that there has been a decrease in the cases of small cell lung cancer in the last 10 years. Despite all the new treatment techniques being developed, people do not recognize the symptoms of cancer on time. This leads to delay in getting treatment. The immune system of TB patients is weak. They also need special attention.

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