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If you are going to Ujjain, do not forget to explore these nearby places


Tourists come from far and wide in Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary.
There are places like Kavadia Hills, Shipra Dam, Pushpagiri Tirth in Dewas.

Best Tourist Places Near Ujjain: If you get a chance to visit a place where you get adventure as well as spiritual experience, then you would not want to miss visiting that place at all. One such place is Ujjain, the city of Lord Mahakal. Here you will find magnificent waterfalls and rivers as well as temples. All these together make this place a great tourist place. Let us tell you, Ujjain is situated on the banks of river Shipra and it is one of the holiest cities in India.

This city is beautiful in every way and can make your tourist experience good. There are many such tourist places around Ujjain that you should know about and must visit once. Let us know about some such wonderful places.

places to explore near ujjain

Ratlam is a district of Madhya Pradesh, about a hundred kilometers from Ujjain. The name of the king who settled this beautiful district was Ratan Singh. There is a beautiful tourist palace in this city for you to see. The forests and waterfalls here are also worth seeing.

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary
People come from far and wide to see Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary. Many migratory birds are seen here and you can also do trekking here. Apart from this, there is a chance to see the beautiful natural scenery here, which is a great experience in itself.

In Dewas you can visit many places like Mitha Talab, Kavadia Hills, Shipra Dam, Pushpagiri Teerth and Shankargarh Hills. Here you will get to see natural beauty as well as spiritual beauty. Here you can go with family and friends.

janapav hut
Surrounded by high mountains and forests, this place is quite historical. This hut is also believed to be the birth place of Lord Parashurama. This place is also the origin of Chambal river, that is, you get to see how the river is formed here. You can also do trekking here and you will never be able to forget the sights seen here.

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