If you are troubled by stubborn blackheads, then do this remedy, your face will look clean and spotless in minutes

How To Get Rid Off Blackheads: If you are troubled by your closed pores, then definitely you must be struggling with the problem of blackheads. These stubborn blackheads are easily formed in the area around the nose which takes away the beauty of the face. It is very painful to remove them later. Actually, when the skin pores get clogged due to dead skin, oil and bacteria, then blackheads start forming inside these pores. Due to the accumulation of dust, soil etc. in these affected areas, this problem becomes more prominent, which becomes very difficult to remove later. This skin problem is mostly seen in people with oily skin. Let us know what we should do to remove stubborn blackheads at home.

1. Hot Steam
If you are thinking of removing black heads at home, then you can take the help of hot steam. Hot steam will open the pores of your skin and clean them by reaching the sebum. After this, with the help of scrub, you can easily clean black and white heads.

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2. Exfoliate
Blackheads can be removed by exfoliating the skin after taking steam. For this, first clean the face with skin softening face wash and take steam. Now scrub with the help of a good exfoliator. In the first time the sweat, oil etc. trapped in the pores of the face will be cleaned. In the second time, target the area affected by blackheads and scrub slowly here. This will slowly bring out the deep roots of blackheads and help in removing them.

3. Use of peel off mask
After taking hot steam and exfoliating well, apply peel off mask on the face. For this, use a mask with charcoal, tea tree, natural clay ingredients. It easily removes black heads from the pores of the skin and removes bacteria. The clay and charcoal present in it absorb the excess oil on the face, due to which the skin becomes oil free. Peel it off after 15 minutes of applying. You use it two to three times a week. Slowly all your black heads will be removed.

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4. Antioxidant Boost
Lastly, don’t forget to apply antioxidant rich skin serum on the face. It kills those bacteria which are the cause of blackheads. They also balance the pH level of the skin, which keeps the skin healthy and such problems stay away. You can also use a good quality toner which tones the skin pores and keeps them tight. After this apply moisturiser. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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