If you are troubled due to combination skin, then brighten your face with these 3 best homemade face packs.

Homemade face pack for combination skin- Every type of skin needs care, be it dry or oily or sensitive skin. But people who have combination skin have to work hard to balance it. In combination skin, sometimes the skin becomes oily and sometimes dry. In this type of skin, the tea area always remains oily while the rest of the face looks dry. That’s why people with this type of skin are advised to take care of their skin with the help of natural ingredients. It is generally advisable to use natural ingredients for the care of combination skin. That’s why most people rely on home made face packs for this. Let us know how some homemade face packs can be made at home for combination skin.

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Aloe vera and rice flour face pack
Aloe vera provides necessary moisture to the face as well as provides moisture and rice flour exfoliates the skin as well as removes excess oil from the face. That’s why this face pack is called best for combination skin.

What to do
Mix rice flour in aloe vera and make a paste.
If the paste is getting thick then you can add rose water to dilute it.
Apply it on the face and let it dry.
After half an hour, rub the face with light hands, clean this pack and wash the face with water.
This will balance the oil on the face and bring natural glow to the face.
Along with this, the blackheads on the face will be removed and the spots will also be removed.

raw milk face pack
Raw milk gives essential nourishment to the skin. Along with this, it gives essential nutrition to the skin and removes dirt from the pores. With this rice flour exfoliates the skin.

What to do
Mix a little rice flour in two spoons of raw milk and mix it well with a little powdered sugar.
Then apply it on the face with the help of cotton and leave it to dry.
After drying, wash with lukewarm water and apply moisturizer.

papaya face pack
bbeautiful According to the papaya is considered very good for the skin, its use improves the skin and also removes the problem of acne and pimples. This maintains the moisture balance on the skin.

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What to do
Mash the papaya well, now add sandalwood powder and a little rose water to it, mix well and make a paste.
Now apply it on the face and after some time wash the face with water and apply moisturizer. Applying it twice a week helps in balancing the oil and reducing tanning of the skin.

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