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If you cook food in aluminum utensils, then be careful

Aluminum Utensils Side Effects: Eating alone is not necessary for good health. It is also important in which utensils these foods are being cooked. Because there are many metals also, in whose utensils cooking food can prove to be poison for health. These metals include aluminum. Nowadays aluminum Utensils are found in almost every house. The food cooked in them has a bad effect on our health. Many things that should never be cooked in these utensils. Due to this, the body can become a victim of many diseases. Let us know what are the disadvantages of cooking aluminum in utensils and what should not be cooked by mistake in it.

Why should you not cook food in aluminum utensils?

Any aluminum vessel, cooker, wok or anything else.. They are light, strong and good heat conductor. Food cooks fast in these. The properties of any metal utensil in which we cook, automatically get absorbed in the thing being cooked. If aluminum gets in excess in the body then it is harmful. Aluminum utensils absorb elements like iron and calcium while cooking. The aluminum lying in the body also does the same. This can weaken the bones. Sometimes in Alzheimer’s disease, aluminum extracts are found in the brain tissue. This means that this element can also cause mental illness. Excess aluminum in the body can lead to diseases like TB, even kidney failure. It is also harmful for the liver and nervous system.

Never cook this food in aluminum utensils

tomato gravy or sauce

Tomato is a vegetable of acidic nature. Cooking it in an aluminum vessel spoils its taste. It reacts with aluminum and spoils the taste of the dish.

Vinegar dish

Experts agree that vinegar reacts rapidly with aluminum. It is dangerous for the body. Therefore, never forgetting to cook any dish related to vinegar in aluminum utensils.

Citrus Foods

Citrus foods also react very quickly with aluminum. Cooking dishes like lemon curd or lemon rice in aluminum utensils can also be harmful to the body. Therefore, doing so should be avoided.

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