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If you do not know the right way to apply vermilion, then know that applying tilak in the wrong way does not give fullness.

Sindoor Ka Tilak Importance, Sindoor Ke Totke: Sindoor has a very important place in Hinduism. Any worship, auspicious and auspicious work remains incomplete without vermilion because all religious work, auspicious work, and auspicious work of Hinduism does not start without the invocation of Ganesha. That is why he is also called the first worshiped deity. When the worship starts, the deities apply tilak of vermilion or roli to the deities. After this there is a law to apply tilak to the devotees.

It is a religious belief that by applying tilak, there is increase in fame, increase in children’s happiness, increase in knowledge and increase in morale. By applying vermilion tilak, the blessings of Mother Saraswati and Mother Lakshmi remain. No worship or ritual is considered complete without vermilion and tilak, but all these importance or benefits of tilak are obtained only when it is applied with the proper finger. So let’s know with which finger (Finger for Tilak) should be applied Tilak.

Tilak applying In ring finger finger of Importance

The ring finger (ring finger) is the third finger of the hand. Which is between Madhyama and Junior. Applying tilak with the ring finger strengthens mental power, because it is directly related to the Sun God. By applying tilak with this, the command wheel is awakened. Honor and respect increase.

Tilak applying In thumb of Importance

According to religious belief, the thumb is related to the planet Venus, and the planet Venus is considered to be the causative planet of fame, wealth and splendor. Applying tilak with thumb increases wealth and property and also keeps health fine.

Tilak applying In index finger finger of Importance

The index finger is between the thumb and the middle finger. With this finger, tilak is applied only to the dead person. It is believed that by applying tilak with the index finger, the soul of the deceased gets salvation.

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