If you do not want to be bald after 30, then make these 5 rules from now, hair will remain thick till old age.

How to prevent baldness: The problem of hair loss is more in men than in women. After the age of 20, hair starts falling in men. In some cases genes are responsible for hair loss but in most cases lifestyle and food habits are responsible. When hair growth stops then hair loss starts. First of all, the hair starts getting thinner. For this deficiency of zinc, magnesium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin E, riboflavin, folic acid, protein etc. are responsible. Apart from this, stress, lack of sleep also has a very bad effect on the hair. Therefore, hair loss can be prevented by preventing the deficiency of these things in the body. Some tips have been given in Healthline to prevent hair fall and thinning. If you also take care of this hair from an early age, then surely your hair will remain thick till the age of 50 years.


According to the news of Essential Oil-Healthline, if from an early age, if some essential oil which is natural in the hair is used, then early hair loss can be prevented. For this oil of lavender, peppermint, Bhriguraj etc. can be applied. Image: Canva


Scalp Massage- When the blood flow in the scalp decreases, then the hair starts falling very quickly and also turns white very quickly. That’s why massage the scalp daily. This will speed up circulation and increase hair growth. Image: Canva


Diet- Healthy diet is needed to make the hair thick and strong. For this, the diet which has high amount of antioxidants should be consumed. Consuming strawberries, blueberries, beans, legumes, spinach, green leafy vegetables helps in strengthening the hair. Image: Canva


Smoking-Due to smoking, hair cells get damaged and the hair becomes thinner and breaks. Therefore, if you want to make hair thick and strong, then quit smoking. Smoking causes premature graying of hair. Image: Canva


Supplements- If there is a deficiency of iron, minerals or vitamins in the body, then supplements can be taken for this. Some studies have found that vitamin D supplementation prevents hair loss. However, for this one should first contact the doctors. Image: Canva

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