If you eat oatmeal laddus, your stomach will be clean! You will also get a lot of energy, learn a simple recipe to make


Oatmeal rich in nutrients is very beneficial for health.
Consumption of Oatmeal Laddus improves the digestion system.

Daliya Laddu Recipe: Whenever I feel like eating something light, then the name of porridge and khichdi starts roaming in my mind. Along with traditional porridge, ladoos made from porridge are also very tasty and healthy. Along with this, Oatmeal laddus are also very light in terms of stomach. Oatmeal intake works to clean the stomach. Oatmeal laddoos are also rich in fiber and provide nutrients to the body along with improving digestion. You must have eaten porridge many times, but if you have never tried the recipe of porridge laddu, then you can enjoy the taste of porridge laddu by making it very easily.
Oatmeal laddoos are not only tasty and healthy, making them is also very easy. If you have not tried the recipe of Oatmeal Ladoo till now, then you can make Oatmeal Ladoo very easily by following our mentioned method. Let’s know the very easy recipe of making porridge laddu.

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Ingredients to make Oatmeal Ladoo
Wheat porridge – 2 cups
Jaggery – 1 cup
Mawa – 1 cup
Cashew – 8-10
Almonds – 8-10
Desi ghee – 2-3 tbsp
Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp
Coconut Bura – 1 cup

Oatmeal Ladoo Recipe
Oatmeal can be made from wheat to make Oatmeal Ladoo or readymade Oatmeal from the market can also be used. To make Oatmeal Ladoo, first of all, put desi ghee in a pan and heat it on medium flame. When the ghee melts, add oatmeal to it. After this, slow down the gas and roast the porridge while stirring with the help of a ladle. After some time, when the wet smell starts coming from the porridge and the color of the porridge turns golden brown, then turn off the gas.

Take out the roasted porridge in a utensil and heat the pan again. Meanwhile, take jaggery and first crush it coarsely. After this put it in the pan and cook it. After some time, when the jaggery starts melting, add mawa and coconut powder to it, mix and fry while stirring with a ladle. Before this, cut finely pieces of cashews and almonds. Put them in the pan and mix them well.

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When the whole mixture is well roasted, turn off the gas and take it out in a vessel. Now add roasted oatmeal in the mixture and with the help of both hands, mash all the ingredients well. After this, keep taking the prepared mixture in your hands little by little and tie round laddoos from them and keep them in a plate. Similarly, prepare porridge laddoos from all the mixture. After some time the laddoos are set and ready to eat.

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