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If you have a plan to visit romantic places, then these places of North-India are the best

Romantic Destinations : The month of November is considered to be the best for traveling. If you are planning to travel somewhere between mild cold and lukewarm sunshine, then include some places of North India in the list. These destinations are the most beautiful and romantic. Your trip will be made by going here. Believe me, you have never seen a better place than this. So let’s know about the most romantic places in North-India..

zero valley

There are more than one beautiful and wonderful valley to visit in North-East, but it is a different fun to visit Ziro Valley in the month of November. Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh is considered as the paradise of North-East. You will also take a tour of a unique village in this valley. Where you will get a chance to know about the emergency tribe. The beauty here is at its peak in November. Here you can enjoy places like Tally Valley, Wild Life Sanctuary and Hapoli.


Some places of North-East are famous not only in the country but also abroad. One of them is Jorhat. It is a small town in Assam. Where you are famous for many great locations. The weather here looks very pleasant and beautiful in the month of November. You can go for a walk in Jorhat with family, friends or partner. Here you can also see Majuli Island, the world’s largest river island, as well as the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary and the Sinamora Tea Estate.


Kalipong is the best destination to visit in West Bengal. This place is the best and romantic to visit in November. Located at an altitude of more than a thousand meters above the Teesta Valley, Kalipong is called the home of the plaintiffs. Every year a large number of couples reach here to visit.


If you want to go to an anonymous and quiet place, then you can make a plan for Bhalukpong with your partner. This place located in Arunachal Pradesh is very peaceful and beautiful. Although it can be visited in any season, but in November the view here is more special.

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