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If you have to buy a new SUV then this is your best option, waiting period is only between 15 to 20 days


The waiting period for many cars in India is up to 24 months.
At the same time, some cars are also available for immediate delivery.
Many SUVs can be bought with a waiting period of only 15-20 days.

New Delhi. SUVs are in highest demand in the Indian automobile market. Due to the shortage of semiconductor chips, companies are struggling to meet the growing demand on time. This is the reason why the waiting period for many popular models has increased significantly. However, there are some SUVs that have a relatively short waiting period. We will tell you about some such SUV cars here.

nissan magnite
The Nissan Magnite, a subcompact SUV from the Japanese automaker, currently comes with a waiting period of 15 days. Its CVT variant can be delivered within 2-10 days. However, the waiting period for the red color variant of the SUV is 3 months. The Magnite comes with 1.0L naturally aspirated petrol and 1.0L turbo petrol engines that make 72bhp and 100bhp power respectively.

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Renault Kiger
Buyers Renault Kiger compact SUV comes with a waiting period of 15-30 days. Its red color model has the highest waiting period of 3-4 months. Similar to the Magnite, the Kiger gets a 10L NA petrol or 1.0L turbo petrol engine. Earlier this year, the company updated the SUV model lineup with some cosmetic changes and features like air purifier, wireless charging and cruise control.

Hyundai Alcazar
The Hyundai Alcazar is available for immediate delivery depending on the variant and colour. Some of its variants can be taken within 15 to 20 days. The model lineup comes in three trims – Prestige, Platinum and Signature – and two seating configurations – 6 and 7-seat. The engine setup of the Alcazar includes a 2.0L, 4-cylinder petrol (159bhp/192Nm) and a 1.5L, 4-cylinder turbo diesel (115bhp/250Nm).

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Volkswagen Taigun
Volkswagen Taigun is being delivered in 20-45 days. The 1.0L manual and automatic variants of the SUV are readily available at many Volkswagen dealerships. Taigun is currently available with 1.0L, 3-cylinder Turbo TSI petrol and 1.5L, 4-cylinder Turbo TSI petrol engines. While the former makes a top power of 115bhp with 175Nm, the latter makes 150bhp power with 250Nm.

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