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If you learn these tricks, you will never cheat at the petrol pump, you will always get full fuel


Before filling petrol and diesel, check the zero reading on the meat.
If the fuel seems low, ask the pump worker to measure it again.
Even if there is a suspicion of adulteration in the oil, you can get it tested at the pump.

New Delhi. Some of us must have been a victim of fraud for filling petrol and diesel in our car, scooter or bike at some point or the other. Not filling the right amount of fuel and selling adulterated fuel has become a common practice across the country. Petrol or diesel are among the most expensive items in the country after the hike in prices. In such a situation, due to being a victim of fraud at the petrol pump, the vehicle owners have to face two-sided loss.

Getting less petrol at petrol pumps is a common thing. Several cases reporting under-sales are reported annually by petrol pumps across the country, but these are very few, as most such complaints go unreported. However, awareness and vigilance can save buyers from such petrol pump frauds. Here’s how you can avoid cheating yourself at petrol pumps?

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Keep these things in mind?
To save yourself from short-selling at the fuel station, while purchasing fuel, keep in mind whether the fuel filling pump employee is turning the machine to zero after filling fuel in the previous customer’s vehicle. If the employee does not do this, interrupt him immediately and ask him to do so. Apart from this, if you are not satisfied with the readings even after putting the machine on zero and filling the required amount of fuel in your vehicle, you can ask for a 5 liter test.

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can complain
All petrol pumps have a 5-litre measurement certified by the Department of Weights and Measures. If the 5-litre measure is completely filled with the same amount of fuel as the filling machine, then you can rest assured that the petrol pumps are not filling your vehicle with less fuel. On the other hand, if the fuel filled in the 5 liter measure does not match, then you can report the fraud to the concerned authority.

never forget to get a receipt
It is necessary to prominently display the price of petrol and diesel at the petrol pump. With this, the consumer remains aware of the current price of fuel. In this the dealer is not allowed to overcharge for the fuel sold. Whenever you buy fuel, match the price charged by the dealer with the price shown on the display. Also, don’t forget to take cash memos for the fuel you buy.

Check adulteration like this
There is also the problem of adulterated petrol and diesel at some petrol pumps. Such low quality fuel can also damage the engine of your vehicle. You can check it with filter paper test. By putting a few drops of petrol on the paper, it will be known whether it is up to the mark or adulterated. If the petrol is pure, it will evaporate without leaving any stain. However, if it is adulterated, the petrol droplets will leave some stains on the paper.

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