If you want to avoid heart attack at the age of 35, then it is important to keep these things in mind

Myocardial infarction (MI): Cases of heart attack at a young age are no longer surprising. Rather, such cases scare now. Because till some time ago it was quite surprising to get a heart attack at the age of less than 40 years, but now in most of the cases, the age of the victim of heart attack is being seen below or near 40 years. In such a situation, the question is bound to arise that why such a change has happened and why people are falling prey to this deadly disease at a young age.

Heart attack, heart stroke, cardiac arrest and myocardial infarction (MI) are all life-threatening conditions related to the heart. Till now these diseases were considered to be related to older age. But now one out of every 5 heart attack patients is below 40 years of age. Acute myocardial infarction or heart attack occurs when the blood flow to the heart muscle suddenly decreases, causing damage to the heart muscle. The deteriorating efficiency and age of the body were also believed to be the reason for such conditions at an older age. But now the way cases of heart attack are coming even between the age of 20 to 30 years, these are fear-causing situations.

heart attack at a young age

You will be surprised to know that between the years 2000 to 2016, the cases of heart attack among the youth have increased at the rate of 2 percent every year. This is the reason why you are getting to read and see news like heart attack at the age of 27, heart attack at the age of 35. In the last Sharadiya Navratri, the way a 21-year-old boy doing garba immediately died of a heart attack, he made everyone think. Because that 21-year-old boy was neither a drug addict nor a victim of any serious illness. In such a situation, when the incident like dancing attack and instant death was captured in the video, most of the people were horrified.

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Why does a sudden heart attack come?

A sudden heart attack is actually the result of a variety of factors that are already forming. For example, as soon as any other symptom is associated with coronary heart disease, a person may have a heart attack. All these are events taking place inside the body, which give their indications with very mild symptoms. That’s why people often fail to recognize them. like…

  • Pain in the left hand and this pain reaches the jaw-line. Some people may have this pain in both hands as well. The special thing is that this pain gets better on rest. If this is happening continuously then do not ignore it.
  • Feeling of heaviness in the chest while walking or doing any work, which gets better after walking or stopping work.
    Shortness of breath very quickly while walking or climbing stairs. Measure it in such a way that the stairs which you used to climb easily till now, suddenly start feeling breathless while climbing them.
  • Sharp pain in your chest when you walk after a meal and the pain subsides after you stop walking. This condition is called post prandial angina and can be a symptom of a heart problem.

Why does heart attack happen at a young age?

The causes of heart attack at an early age are related to lifestyle, which are as follows…

  • Lazy Lifestyle
  • lack of exercise
  • non-determined sleep time and hours
  • excessive weight gain
  • high blood pressure
  • having diabetes
  • being under stress for a long time
  • alcohol and smoking addiction

How to avoid getting hit by a heart attack?

If you want to stay away from heart diseases forever, then follow these tips…

  • Keep checking your blood pressure.
  • If there is a history of diabetes in the family, then take care of the sugar level.
  • Take a balance diet.
  • If you smoke and consume alcohol then quit. it’s possible.
  • Consume salt in limited quantity.
  • Stay away from packaged food as much as possible.
  • Don’t sleep till late in the morning.
  • Be active and do limited exercise.

Disclaimer: Take the method, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as a suggestion, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet and suggestion, please consult a doctor or concerned expert.

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