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If you want to bring a natural glow on the face, then do this work before sleeping at night, know how


Double cleansing your face before going to bed at night
Get enough sleep to bring glow to the skin

For Skin Glow- We all want our skin to be glowing and beautiful. We also want that the effect of aging should not be on our skin, but do you know that, the activity before sleeping at night can increase the natural glow of our skin. It is necessary to take extra care of the skin before sleeping at night. If you are careless towards it, then the skin of your face can be badly damaged. Whenever you go to sleep at night, follow a skin care routine. Because the skin works better at night than during the day, and is also on resting mode. So let’s know, what activity should be done to give a natural glow to the skin before sleeping at night.

These are some of the activities that you must follow before sleeping at night.

double cleansing

Whether you do makeup or not, but do clean your face well. Dead cells accumulate on the skin due to dust, dirt and dirt throughout the day. Do double cleansing to remove them before sleeping at night. In double cleansing, first clean the face with oil base face wash, then clean it with light wet face wash.

Moisturizer helps to lock the moisture of the skin. Day and night skin care should be done in a completely different way. More and better skin care cannot be better than at night. According to experts, whenever we sleep, moisture starts disappearing from our skin, moisturizer is used to lock the same moisture.

mini spa is also necessary
If you have evening time and you are free in that time, then mini spa can give a lot of facial care. If you want, you can do this even before sleeping. The mini spa removes all the dirt from the face, and the skin remains hydrated. Apart from this, applying a natural face pack on the face is also a great option. This will nourish the skin.

Make the right routine of sleeping
If you take proper sleep, and sleep well, then your skin will be healthy with this. A proper bedtime routine can be very good for your skin. Keep your char clean with your pillow cover, so that no germs can reach your skin.

sleep on your back
Naturally glowing skin also has a lot to do with sleeping position. How you sleep affects your skin. If you lie on your side for a long time, then your face will also be pressed from one side. Due to which the blood circulation will not be correct. This can lead to the problem of premature wrinkles. For good and natural glowing skin, one should always sleep on the back.

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