If you want to bring warmth in the relationship, then only this work has to be done, know the results of the study

New Delhi. The early life of a couple is full of freshness but with the passage of time, romanticism and relationship also start decreasing. In the hustle and bustle of life, there is either a lack of time for romance or the relationship does not have the kind of warmth as it was in the beginning. The result of this is that the emotional attachment between the partners also decreases and eventually mutual estrangement and bitterness starts between the two. There are many tips used to make a broken relationship last. Many efforts are made for this, but in a recent study, very easy solutions have been given.

what the study says
Actually, Jerusalem Post In the news of a research, it has been told that if there is equal participation of the couple in the household chores, then there is always freshness in sexual relations. According to the study, if couples share equally in the cleanliness of the house, utensils, broom and mop dusting etc., then all this proves to be very effective in increasing the sexual relationship in their life. It has been said in the study that if only the woman in the house also cooks food, cleans utensils, cleans the house, washes clothes, then by the end of the day she becomes very tired. In such a situation, the generation of sexual desire becomes boring. This is the reason why women start getting frustrated. But if the partner also does household chores together or by sharing, then the woman gets less fatigue and there is more energy while having sex.

Such is the desire
This study was done by researchers from Sweenburne University of Technology in Australia. In this study, 299 Australian women were included and they were asked some online questions related to sexual desire. Researchers asked them some personal questions related to sexual desire. The study found that the sexual desire of women is multifaceted. There are mainly two factors involved in this. The first is solitary sexual desire. It is an internally motivated desire to satisfy sexual frustration and to achieve specific sexual needs. The second is the desire to be emotionally attached to someone afterward. It is achieved through emotional closeness and intimacy with a person. The study found that women have a stronger desire to have sex emotionally if household chores are divided equally. The researchers reported that people who reported the same amount of work reported that they were more satisfied in their sexual relationships.

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