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If you want to get relief from shoulder injury then these 3 exercises will help


Due to overwork and strain, there is pain in the shoulder.
Nowadays, more and more cases of frozen shoulder are coming.
Shoulder pain can be reduced by doing some exercises.

Shoulder impingement exercises- Shoulder pain usually makes a person restless. In fact, shoulders are also included in the most used organs throughout the day and nowadays more cases of shoulder pain, strain, swelling and frozen shoulder are coming to the fore. It is believed that due to injury in the shoulders, or due to working in the wrong posture, excessive pressure on the shoulders, taking more work from the shoulders, injury to the shoulders or due to muscle strain and tension, pain in the shoulders occurs. If treatment or exercise is not done at the right time, neck and hands can also come under the grip of this pain. If there is a problem of shoulder injury or frozen shoulder, let us know about the three exercises that provide relief from the pain of shoulder injury –

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wall slide
style craze According to this, keep the hand straight on a smooth wall which has pain. Then move this hand as above while keeping it adjacent to the wall, but keep the hand on the wall. It will look like you are cleaning the wall. The hand has to be moved from bottom to top. This will feel pressure on the shoulder but do it thrice a day for five minutes. This will open the movement of the shoulders and reduce the pain

shoulder scaption
Stand in front of a mirror and hold a one pound dumbbell (light weight) in both your hands. Then, looking in front, raise your hands upwards in V (V) posture, and then take them down. Then move your hands down very slowly. Then make the pose of V above and then move the hands down. This will put necessary stress on the shoulders and reduce muscle stiffness and pain. Do this process ten to twelve times in one go and doing it twice a day will give relief.

pendulum stretch
The pendulum stretch opens the shoulder muscles and relaxes the arm. In the shoulder which is having pain or strain, try to take that hand straight in front by bending it forward and rest it on a table.

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should should not
Shoulder Pain Explain.com According to this, if there is an injury to the shoulder or the vein of the shoulder is pulled, then exercises like weight lifting, swimming, throwing weight should be avoided for some time. These exercises can make shoulder injury more dangerous. By doing these, instead of reducing the shoulder pain, it can increase more, so they should not be done.

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