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If you want to keep the skin glowing in winter, then massage with this oil daily, the problem of dryness will also go away – coconut oil for winter skin care – News18 Hindi


Coconut oil protects the skin from the sun’s rays.
You can apply coconut oil directly on the skin.

Coconut oil for winter skin care: As soon as winter comes, usually everyone is troubled by the problem of dry skin. Due to cold winds and hot clothes, the natural moisture of the skin starts disappearing rapidly and the layer starts freezing on the upper surface of the skin. Due to dryness, wrinkles start coming fast on the skin and due to stretching, the problem of itching starts. Due to dry skin, the glow of the skin disappears. In such a situation, as soon as winter comes, the skin needs special care. To remove such problems, if you use coconut oil in winter, then it can work to eliminate all the problems of your skin. So let’s know how coconut oil is beneficial for winter skin care.

benefits of coconut oil in winter skin care

remove dryness
According to Medical News Today, if you use coconut oil daily to remove the problem of dry skin in winter, it keeps the skin moist and glowing. You can apply it on direct skin.

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protect from sun rays
Everyone likes sunshine in winter. In such a situation, if tanning has come on your face or the skin is burnt, then coconut oil works to heal the skin. Not only this, it also protects from UV rays.

relieve swelling
If there is inflammation anywhere on the skin, it can be cured with the help of coconut oil. If you have swelling on any part of your face or body, then apply coconut oil on it at night. By morning the swelling will subside.

protect against bacteria
If there is a rash on your skin or any kind of irritation, then you should use coconut oil. Actually it has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti virus properties.

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