If you want to travel in a flight, do not make these 6 mistakes, your name will come in the No Fly List, you will not be able to travel by air

New Delhi. While traveling in an aeroplane, it is necessary to follow the rules made by the airlines and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Recently, due to the ‘urination incident’ in the Air India plane, now the demand for strict compliance of the rules made for air travel is gaining momentum. Therefore, if you also travel in a ship, follow the rules and do not behave inappropriately. By doing this, your name can also appear in the No Fly List. If your name comes in this, you can be banned from traveling in flight for two years.

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, in the year 2022, the names of 63 passengers who behaved against the rules in the airplane have been put in the no-fly list. At the same time, in 2023, so far the names of 3 passengers have come in this list. The name of the passenger accused of urinating on a female co-traveller in an Air India flight is also in this list. DGCA maintains the no fly list. DGCA has considered improper behavior as an offense and a punishable act.

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What is no fly list?
In 2017, the central government issued guidelines for the no fly list. Passengers, who harass co-passengers during air travel due to physical, verbal or any other objectionable behavior or try to create hindrance in travel, are put on the no fly list. Only after a passenger complains, he is put on the no-fly list after investigation.

Unbecoming behavior includes harassing a co-passenger, quarreling with a crew member, disrespectful behavior, non-observance of safety regulations, in-flight disturbance and any obstruction to flight operations .

Ban can be up to two years
Inappropriate behavior is placed in 3 categories. Level 1 verbal misconduct can lead to a ban of up to three months. Physically inappropriate behavior has been placed in the second category. A passenger found guilty in this category can be banned for up to 6 months. The third category is life threatening behavior. Those guilty of this can be put on the no-fly list for at least two years.

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