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In an emergency, brake the glass of the car first, you will be able to come out very easily

New Delhi: Many times, by accident or all of a sudden, all the four windows and windows of the car get locked. Due to this the person sitting in the car gets badly trapped. Not only this, in many cases even their lives are lost. Because of this, what to do in such a situation? Very few people are aware of this. Also in many cases the brain stops working.

If you ever get stuck in such a situation then do not panic. If you already know how to get out of such a situation, then you can easily get out. We will tell you today, in such adverse situations, which glass of the car should you break first and how should you break it?

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use the headrest
Although it is necessary to have a window punch or glass hammer to get out of any emergency in the vehicle, but most people do not keep it. In such a situation, if you get stuck inside the car and the windows and glasses of the vehicle are not opening, then do not panic. First of all, take out the headrest above your seat. A sharp iron nail placed under the headrest is given to you in this emergency. You can break the glass in the window of the vehicle by removing the headrest.

break the windshield and get out of the car
In any emergency, the windows and windows of the vehicle often get locked due to gas or other reasons. At the same time, the circumstances are such, because of which you are not able to break them. In such a situation, to get out of the car, remove the big glass ie windshield in front of the vehicle. it’s tempered glass
is made of. For this reason it is very strong.

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remove windshield like this
To remove it, take the support of the seat and apply pressure with the feet. From this the entire front window ie windshield will come out. The reason for this is that it is glued from all sides. Once it is removed, you can easily get out of the car. You will not get any kind of injury.




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