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In the long term, the chicken that lays the golden egg is real estate, where will you get the best return on investment?


Investing in real estate gives you strong returns in the long run.
You can invest money in shops, commercial complexes and residential projects.
Apart from this, you can also look at the option of REITs for investment in property.

New Delhi. Property investment always gives tremendous returns in the long term with few exceptions. It also provides you protection from rising inflation. By investing money in land, house, flat or any other property related investment option, you can take a step towards securing your future. That’s why experts believe that you should invest in equities, mutual funds and gold as well as property.

Investing in property can be a great way to diversify your portfolio. According to experts, investors can invest their money in 4 main property sectors considering the current market conditions. Let us see what are these 4 areas.

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investing in stores
According to Ankit Agarwal, MD, Devika Group, real estate investors can invest in shops. He said, “The maintenance cost of a shop is also less as compared to private properties. The shops are safe and the chances of encroachment are negligible, especially if you invest money in the shops in the shopping centre.” He said that India is moving towards shopping center culture and this pattern will continue in future, hence retail property is a smart investment option.

buying and renting property
If you do not want to buy land but want to take advantage of the boom in property, then you can invest in a property whose value is very low. Suren Goyal of RPS Group says that you can improve these properties a little and offer them for rent in the market. People who do not have a lot of money can also take advantage of this method. He can earn from the rent first and can sell that property when the rate increases.

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commercial property
Commercial property pays good rent. Hence it is one of the most preferred investment options. Commercial properties are getting tremendous support due to the resumption of offices. Experts say that offices are starting again and companies are looking for new workplaces, as well as they are looking for places for warehouses and warehouses etc. Due to this there has been a huge jump in the demand for commercial properties.

A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that finances income-generating properties. With REITs, you can make profits by investing in land without buying it. Unlike mutual funds, these are companies that have commercial land. For example, business places, retail spaces, apartments and housing.

(Disclaimer: The investment options mentioned here are for informational purposes only. If you wish to invest in any of these, please consult a Certified Investment Advisor first. News18 is not responsible for any profit or loss caused by you. Will happen.)

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