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In winter, do cleaning of woolen coat like this, it will look like new in a pinch


Do not use hot water at all while washing the woolen coat.
To dry the woolen coat, spread it on a dry towel.

Woolen Coat Cleaning Tips: As soon as winter comes, people start wearing warm clothes to avoid the cold. Of course, woolen clothes are effective in keeping the body safe from cold winds. But washing woolen clothes after getting dirty is not easy in winter. People face a lot of difficulty in washing woolen coat especially in winter. In such a situation, by trying some easy tips and tricks, you can clean the woolen coat in a jiffy. Woolen coats are warm as well as heavy. In such a situation, the selection of woolen coat is best to avoid cold. But washing woolen coat is no less than a big challenge for most of the people. In such a situation, some easy ways to clean the woolen coat can be very useful for you. So let’s know about the tips to clean the woolen coat in winter.

check the label on the coat

Before washing the woolen coat, do read the label on the coat. The label contains instructions for washing the coat. After reading which you can clean the woolen coat with the help of machine wash, hand wash and dry clean as per the instructions given.

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clean wool coat

Before washing the woolen coat, clean it thoroughly with the help of a brush. Due to this, the dirt and dust accumulated on the coat will disappear easily. Also, you will not face much trouble in washing the coat. At the same time, instead of a brush, you can also wipe the coat by wetting a soft cloth.

how to wash woolen coat

To wash the woolen coat at home, take lukewarm water in the tub. Now mix baby shampoo in this water. This will not damage your woolen coat. After this, soak the coat in the tub and clean the coat after half an hour. With this all the dirt of the coat will be easily removed and your coat will be cleaned immediately.

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Tips to Dry Woolen Coats

After washing, you can use a towel to dry the water of the woolen coat. Wrap the coat in a towel and squeeze it with light hands. After this, put the coat on a towel and keep it to dry. Keep in mind that do not squeeze the woolen coat too hard.

take these precautions

Do not forget to use hot water while washing the woolen coat. Also do not wash the coat with hard detergents and chemical containing products. Apart from this, instead of drying the coat in the dryer, let it dry naturally and also avoid hanging it while drying the coat. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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