Include these foods rich in Vitamin K in your diet to keep your heart and bones healthy

Benefits of vitamin K:- Vitamins are required by our body for normal growth and development. Vitamin ‘K’ helps in making proteins in the body for healthy bones and tissues. It is also helpful in making proteins for blood clotting. If there is not enough ‘Vitamin K’ in your body, then there can be a risk of excessive bleeding. if you are taking blood thinners

So you should be careful about the amount of Vitamin ‘K’. There are many types of Vitamin ‘K’. Most people get vitamin K from plants such as vegetables and dark berries. The bacteria in our intestines also produce some amount of Vitamin K. Let’s learn about Vitamin ‘K’.

What are the benefits of Vitamin ‘K’?

medical news today Vitamin K is a group of fat-soluble vitamins that play an important role in regulating blood clotting, bone metabolism and blood calcium levels. Its advantages are as follows:

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Beneficial for bone health,
Vitamin K helps maintain strong bones and increase bone density.

keep heart health right,
Vitamin K can be beneficial in reducing blood pressure, which keeps heart health right.

Reduce period pain:
Vitamin K maintains hormone regulation, thereby providing relief from menstrual problems such as pain.

immune system,
Vitamin K is also helpful in protecting and strengthening the immune system.

From what things can you get Vitamin ‘K’?

Good natural food sources of Vitamin ‘K’ are as follows-

  • Vegetables like spinach, broccoli etc.
  • legumes, soybeans

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Along with this, some amount of Vitamin K is also found in these things:

  • eggs
  • Strawberries
  • Meat

Apart from this, supplements of Vitamin ‘K’ should be used only after the advice of the doctor.

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