India Economic Survey 2023: Farmers are the ‘Pushpa’ of the Indian economy, epidemic or recession… will not bow down

New Delhi. Agriculture and farmers were the only sectors that continued to move forward even in the severe lockdown of the Corona pandemic. The government also understood this very well and provided assistance to the farmers at every step. In the Economic Survey of the current financial year also, the government has raised these issues prominently. In the Economic Survey 2022-23, presented in the Parliament on Tuesday by the Finance Minister, it has been told that the agriculture sector is the basis of the Indian economy and the government is also continuously strengthening the base of the farmers.

According to the Economic Survey, in the financial year 2020-21, badly affected by the Corona epidemic, where all other sectors saw a big decline and the growth rate in the first quarter also went below zero, while the agriculture sector achieved a growth of 3.3 percent. The farmers of the country have filled the grain stores and this is the reason why the Modi government opened the grain stores when people were imprisoned in their homes in the lockdown and the question of filling their stomachs arose in front of crores of people. While the prices of food grains were skyrocketing all over the world, free food grains were being distributed every month to more than 81 crore people in India. Farmers are the real capital of this courage of the government.

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Agri sector running the entire economy
No matter how much progress India has achieved in the manufacturing and service sector, but even today the basis of its GDP growth is the agriculture sector. Looking at the performance of the last 6 years, the agriculture sector has achieved an average growth rate of 4.6 per cent. During this period the growth rate of Indian GDP was around 7 percent on an average. The growth of agriculture sector has been 3 percent in 2020-21.

government stepped forward
To encourage the farmers, the government also emphasized on increasing their income continuously. After coming to power, the Modi government had set a target of doubling the income of the farmers, which was almost achieved. During this, they are being given direct cash assistance of Rs 6,000 under the PM Kisan Yojana, while maximum benefits are also being provided by increasing the minimum price of the crops. Apart from this, steps like promotion of dairy sector under livestock scheme, changes in mandi rules to reach farmers’ market have strengthened the entire agriculture sector.

filling country’s stock
When the farmers got encouragement, farming also took place and the stock of food grains in the country is continuously increasing. The production of pulses stood at an average of 2.38 crore tonnes in the last 5 years. However, in 2022 the climate had a profound effect on agriculture. First the wheat crop was killed due to heat and then due to less rain, the area under paddy also decreased. Compared to the last financial year, this time paddy sowing has decreased by 3.8 hectares.

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Got a lot of loan with loan waiver
The government distributed Kisan Credit Cards to bring more money into the hands of the farmers. Till December 30, loans worth Rs 4,51,672 crore have been made available to 3.89 crore farmers. It is used to start the business of agri sector including animal husbandry, fisheries. This loan is available only at the rate of 4 percent and if repaid on time, only 3 percent interest will have to be paid. India is now moving fast towards organic farming. Here 44.3 lakh farmers do organic farming, which is the highest in the world.

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