Indian Railway: Senior citizens and women get this facility without asking in the train, Railway Minister gave big information


Before Kovid-19, senior citizens used to get discount on tickets.
Women used to get exemption from the age of 58 years.
Presently students, handicapped and sick persons get concession.

New Delhi. Several crore people travel by train in India every day. Indian Railways keeps on taking one or the other step from time to time for the convenience of its passengers. Railways provide additional facilities especially for senior citizens and women. Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav gave a big information in the Lok Sabha regarding the seat related facilities available to senior citizens and pregnant women.

The Union Minister has told that there is a separate rule for giving confirmed lower berths (seats) to senior citizens (60 years or more) in the train. Apart from this, lower berths are given to passengers above 45 years of age or pregnant women without asking. For this, every sleeper coach has 6 lower berth reserves. Also, 4-5 lower berths in third AC and 2-3 lower berths in AC 2 tier are reserved for these people. If for some reason these people get an upper berth while booking tickets, then the ticket checking officer can shift them there if any lower berth is vacant.

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ticket discount
Railways used to give concession in fare to senior citizens before Kovid-19. It was closed during Kovid-19 and it has not been started back yet. On this, Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnav says that the Railways provides a discount of up to 57 percent to all passengers including senior citizens on every ticket. Apart from this, it gives separate subsidy to students, disabled people and patients. The government had given a subsidy of Rs 59837 crore on tickets in the financial year 2019-20.

how much was the discount earlier
Before Kovid-19, Railways used to give up to 40 percent discount in fare to senior citizens. At the same time, women start getting 50 percent discount from the age of 58. Before Kovid-19, this discount was given in every train with reservation. However, this is no longer done. For a long time, the demand for exemption in rent is being raised.

The committee recommended restarting
A standing committee headed by BJP MP Radha Mohan Singh had recommended that the exemption given to senior citizens should be started once again. This recommendation was placed in both the Houses of Parliament last month. Even before this the committee has made such a recommendation.

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