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Indian Railways: Journey of Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra will be easier, passengers will get this special facility in these trains, know everything

New Delhi. Keeping in mind the convenience of rail passengers, the Railways is preparing to increase the berth capacity in the trains running between Udaipur City and Bikaner to Khajuraho and Dadar. Taking steps in this direction, the North Western Railway, especially Udaipur City-Khajuraho-Udaipur City Rail Service and Bikaner-Dadar-Bikaner Rail Service in the second sleeper class temporary coach It has been decided to increase (Temporary Coach). With the increase of these coaches, the waiting list of passengers will be reduced and more berths will be available.

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According to Captain Shashi Kiran, Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway, in view of the additional passenger traffic by the Railways, temporary increase of 01-01 second sleeper class coach is being done in 02 pairs of trains for the convenience of the passengers, which will be effective as follows:-

1.Train No. 19666/19665, Udaipur City-Khajuraho-Udaipur City Train Service Temporary increase of 01 Second Sleeper Class Coach from Udaipur City from 18.08.22 to 21.08.22 and from Khajuraho from 20.08.22 to 23.08.22 is going.

2.Train number 14707/14708, Bikaner – Dadar – Bikaner train service is being temporarily increased from 19.08.22 to 21.08.22 from Bikaner and from Dadar from 20.08.22 to 22.08.22. .

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