Insects and fungus get caught in dry fruits, store in 5 ways

How to Keep Dry Fruits Fresh: Storage of dry fruits is done in most homes. Even if consuming them is not a part of daily diet, but it is used in kheer, halwa and all kinds of desserts. Because of this, people store dry fruits at home. Many times it is seen that soon insects or fungus get into the dry fruits, and sometimes the smell of oil also comes. The main reason for this is not storing dry fruits properly. Let us tell you some tips to store dry fruits, by following which you can keep them fresh for a long time.


Store in air tight container: Always use air tight container to store dry fruits. In such a situation, the outside air does not enter the container, due to which there is no risk of insects and fungus in the dry fruits. Along with this, dry fruits also remain fresh. (Image-Canva)


Use glass container: It is also better to use glass container to store dry fruits. Storing in this keeps dry fruits from spoiling, as well as they do not smell. Dry fruits remain fresh for a long time by keeping them in a glass container, due to which their taste does not deteriorate. (Image-Canva)


Store in a place with normal temperature: Dry fruits should always be stored in a dry and dark place. Therefore, instead of storing dry fruits in the kitchen or fridge, store them at a place with normal temperature. Due to this, they do not spoil quickly, as well as their test does not change. (Image-Canva)


Roast dry fruits: To keep dry fruits fresh and smell free for a long time, you can store them by roasting them lightly. Due to this, dry fruits do not spoil for many months, as well as there is no fear of fungus and insects in them. Not only this, both their taste and appearance remain fresh. (Image-Canva)


Way to buy dry fruits: Many people prefer to buy sealed packets of dry fruits. But due to this many times the smell of their own oil starts coming in dry fruits, due to which their test also seems bad. In such a situation, it is always better to take open dry fruits. You can also guess the freshness of dry fruits by smelling them and eating them. (Image-Canva)(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article are based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Before implementing them, contact the concerned expert.)

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