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Investment Tips: Include only these 3 options in the portfolio, your bag will be filled with bumper returns


Debt mutual funds have started looking attractive again in the last 18-20 months.
Investors should invest money through SIP for three to five years.
Gold or Silver Fund of Funds can be a good option for investors.

New Delhi. As an investor, the Indian and global equity markets have been very volatile for the past one year. To counter rising inflation, central banks around the world are raising interest rates. India’s central bank, government and corporates together have handled the situation very well so far, but global market risks remain. In such a situation, how should an investor build his portfolio, so that he can earn huge profits by staying away from market risks.

Nimesh Shah, MD & CEO, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund says that today the world is much more interconnected than before and in this sense, if there is any problem in the world, the journey for equity investors in India is not easy. . We have to see how the geopolitical development unfolds and progresses. As an individual investor, you should mainly build your portfolio around three options.

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Debt mutual funds are very attractive
Debt mutual funds have started looking attractive again in the last 18-20 months. It is expected that the repo rate will increase in the coming meetings, as the prices of consumer goods are high. Hence, it would be better to bet on schemes with higher accrual schemes and dynamic duration in future. We believe that floating rate bonds (FRBs) can outperform going forward. Investors should keep in mind that debt mutual funds play a very important role in the portfolio and should not be overlooked.

invest money through sip
“We expect the market to remain volatile as long as the US Fed takes all available measures to combat inflation,” Shah said. So investors should be careful now. In the coming year, investors should ideally invest through SIPs with a time horizon of three to five years. Investing in lump sum would not be the right decision from the equity investment perspective. Therefore, investors should focus on features like Booster SIP, Booster STP, Freedom SIP or Freedom SWP.

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Gold and Silver ETFs Great Choice
The more diversified an investor’s portfolio, the lesser the risk appetite. Considering the current uncertainty, investing in gold and silver can be a better decision. These options protect both inflation and currency depreciation. Investors can consider investing in it through ETFs. For those who do not have a demat account, gold or silver fund of funds can be a good option.

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