iPhone maker Apple is preparing to pack sacks from China, know why the company wants to stop production

New Delhi. iPhone maker Apple is considering transferring its production from China to another country. Amid growing geopolitical tension and lockdown, the giant tech company wants to stop its production in China. By 2025, it can produce 25 percent of the total Apple products including Mac, iPad, Apple Watch and Airpods out of China. Currently, the company manufactures 5 per cent of its products outside China.

Apple has instructed many of its contract manufacturers to move production out of China. According to the Wall Street Journal, it is known that Apple is considering and studying the possibilities of setting up its business in India and Vietnam.

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Production of many Apple products in China
India and Vietnam currently account for a very small share of Apple’s global production. According to estimates, independent manufacturers make more than 90 percent of Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and MacBook computers in China.

Production of iPhone completely stalled in this city
The turmoil in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou helped propel Apple’s innings. Zhengzhou is where more than 70 percent of the world’s iPhones are manufactured. Here Foxconn’s factory is closed and the production of iPhone is completely stalled.

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At one point, it alone made up about 85% of the Pro lineup of iPhones, according to market-research firm Counterpoint Research. There were reports of massive worker protests recently at the Foxconn-owned factory. Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory is very important for Apple iPhone production.

Apple sees India as the next China
Apple’s reliance on China is a potential threat, according to analysts, due to Beijing’s repressive communist regime and its conflicts with the US. However, when The Wall Street Journal contacted an Apple spokesperson, he declined to comment. According to people associated with Apple’s manufacturing plan, the company sees India as the next China due to its large population and low cost.

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