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Iron deficiency can be the reason for heavy periods, do not ignore these symptoms


Due to not getting proper blood to the heart, the risk of heart disease can increase.
Iron deficiency can cause heavy periods for many women.

Symptoms Of Iron Deficiency: Iron plays an important role in keeping the body healthy and energetic. Although iron is necessary for everyone, but women need it more than men. Due to lack of iron in the body, many diseases can occur. Especially women may have to face heavy periods every month. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia, which can cause weakness and fatigue. Women have often ignored the problems caused by iron deficiency. This is the reason why some women have to face heart problems and blood related problems during menopause. Let us know what other problems can be caused by iron deficiency apart from heavy periods.

heavy periods
Iron deficiency in the body can promote many problems. according to health.com Periods are most affected by iron deficiency. Due to lack of iron in the body, women may have problems with heavy periods. According to the Women’s Health Office, a normal woman has 2-3 tablespoons of blood flow every month during periods. Heavy blood flow means a woman changes pads or tampons every one to two hours. Heavy periods can last more than 8 days.

yellowing of the body
There can be a problem of anemia when there are less red blood cells in the body, due to which the body can appear pale. This pallor can appear in the skin, lips, gums and eyes. If the skin is less red than normal, low iron could be the reason. In 45 to 50 percent of cases, yellowing can be due to iron deficiency.

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shortness of breath
Women can also feel shortness of breath due to iron deficiency. Lack of oxygen in the body can cause difficulty in breathing. Such a situation may have to be faced especially while running or climbing stairs.

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risk of heart disease
Iron can also be considered responsible for irregular heart beat, weakening of the heart or heart failure. Due to iron deficiency, the heart does not get proper blood flow and oxygen, due to which the risk of heart disease increases. Most of the women have iron deficiency due to which they may have to face many problems. In case of iron deficiency, it is necessary to treat with proper diet.

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