Is a loco pilot banned for life after a train accident?


The loco pilot runs the train according to the signal.
It is extremely rare for a driver to skip a signal.
However, most of the railway accidents happen due to the fault of the staff.

New Delhi. A terrible train accident happened on Friday evening in Balasore, Odisha. So far 288 people have been reported killed in this. At the same time, more than 1000 people are injured. This number may increase further. This accident happened due to collision of 3 trains. Coromandel Express running from Tamil Nadu to Howrah, Yeshwanthpur-Howrah Superfast and a goods train were involved in the accident. The Coromandel Expressway collided with a goods train parked on the loop track near the derailment. Then these derailed coaches collided with the Yeshwantpur Howrah Superfast.

Three general coaches of the Yesvantpur Superfast were hit in the accident. At the same time, a total of 13 coaches of the Coromandel Express crashed, including sleeper, AC and general coaches. A high-level inquiry has been ordered into it. According to an RTI, 57 percent of train accidents are due to the mistakes of railway staff. This question comes in the mind of many people that in such a situation how much fault is considered on the driver of the train. Is he guilty or not. It is very rare that a driver is to blame for an accident. Of course this has happened in the past but it happens very rarely. But what if there is a mistake?

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Are loco pilots never wrong?
It is very difficult for this to happen. This is because the loco pilot runs the train according to the signal. If he is getting the signal green, then he will move forward, otherwise he will stop the vehicle on the red signal. Loco pilots almost never miss signals. But many times loco pilots are found guilty in the case of train derailment. If the train runs at a speed exceeding the prescribed speed limit, then the possibility of its derailment increases. In 2022, 3 coaches of the Dadar-Puducherry Express derailed and it was considered the fault of the driver. A mistake of the loco pilot also came to the fore in 2011. When the driver of Chennai Beach-Vellore Meemu while talking on the phone hit the coaches of a standing train while carrying the train. 12 people died in this. The driver was sentenced to 10 years in this case. Although, this was a unique case of its kind, usually the matter does not go to the court.

What if a mistake is found?
In this regard, News18’s special correspondent Sharad Pandey spoke to a railway official on condition of anonymity. The railway official said that the loco pilot will be suspended with immediate effect before the investigation begins. After this a show cause notice will be sent to them. He will have to present his explanation by appearing before the Commission of Railway Safety i.e. CRS investigation. If he is not able to give proper arguments in his favor and it is proved that the accident happened due to his negligence then he will be fired. After this he will never be able to work as a loco pilot.

will there be jail
As we told you above that it is very rare for a loco pilot to be jailed. According to Special Correspondent Sharad Pandey, “The driver will be sacked under the service manual. However, the Railways will not go to the court as most of the rail accidents are not done intentionally. This is not a case of murder. It is at most human error for which he is sacked.” Significantly, against the dismissal of the railway, loco pilots can go to the court.

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