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Is hair oil effective in reducing hair growth and dandruff? Know what experts say


There are many myths among people regarding hair oil which people believe.
There is no benefit of applying oil overnight. you can wash it off in a few hours

Hair Care Tips: To make the hair healthy and thick, we first do all the experiments with our hair oil. We feel that by applying oil to the hair, hair fall stops, the problem of dandruff ends, and even more, by applying oil to the hair, hair grows. From experts to our mothers and grandmothers, everyone recommends applying hair oil to nourish and grow our hair. It is considered a natural treatment for dry, curly and damaged hair. According to the news of the Indian Express, it cannot be denied that people have many myths about hair oil which they believe.

Dermatologist Dr Aanchal Panth has debunked some such myths. He has shared a video on his Instagram related to some useful facts about applying oil to hair.

He wrote on his Instagram account that hair oil helps in conditioning the hair. If your hair is dry, curly or damaged, applying oil to your hair can help.

Almost everyone believes that keeping hair oil overnight gives nourishment to the hair. However, according to Dr. Panth, “There is no benefit to applying oil overnight. You can wash it off in a few hours.”

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He told that oil makes your hair healthy, but it does not mean that it reduces hair fall or that applying oil makes hair grow.
Expert told that hair oil works as conditioning on the hair. Therefore, after applying oil to your hair, you find your hair soft and shiny. He told that coconut oil is the best for hair.

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how to apply hair oil
According to dermatologists, hair oil should always be applied at a distance of 4-5 inches from the roots of the hair. Where hair oil does not reach your natural scalp. Also he suggested that if you have dandruff then you should avoid applying hair oil.

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