Is it okay to take liquids with meals? Know what is the harm from this

Solid and liquid food for health: Many of us cannot eat food without water. That is, they have to drink water while eating food. It is believed that it is okay to drink a few sips of water while having a meal, but drinking too much water is not a good idea. It is also advised that one should drink water after thirty minutes of eating or even before. It is also believed that taking liquids along with food is not good for digestion. This can cause many health issues. You may also be surprised to know that taking liquid along with meals can have negative effects on health. Let us know what harm can be caused to health by taking liquids along with food?

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What are the disadvantages of taking liquids with food?
healthline If you believe that taking liquid with food can cause bloating or other stomach related problems. The disadvantages are as follows:

Problem with Nutrients: It is believed that the body does not get nutrients by taking liquids along with food. That’s why one should avoid taking liquids during this time.

Digestion problem: Taking liquids with food increases the risk of gas, indigestion, acidity in the stomach. Due to this, the problem of heartburn can also occur.

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Slow Metabolism: Consuming liquids along with food also has a bad effect on metabolism and it slows down. Due to slow metabolism, you may have problems like constipation or obesity.
There are no significant research studies on the negative effects of taking liquids with meals on digestion and weight gain. It depends on you whether you have to consume liquids with food or not. By the way, it is considered best to drink water thirty minutes before or after the meal.

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