Is it right or wrong to wet the brush before applying toothpaste? Know the truth from the dentist


To maintain better oral health, toothbrush should be used properly.
According to the dentist, people should change their toothbrush after every 3-4 months.

Oral Health Tips: Most of the people first wet the toothbrush while brushing their teeth and then apply toothpaste on it. We all are following this habit since childhood. It is also considered good to do so. Although some people believe that it is not right to wet the brush before applying toothpaste and by doing so the teeth cannot be cleaned. They tell the reason behind this that by wetting the brush, toothpaste becomes foam quickly and the teeth remain dirty. The question in everyone’s mind is, is it really true? If you are also confused about this, then know the reality from the dentist.

Located in Rohini, New Delhi From Dr. Abhishek Goyal, dentist at Sanjivani Dental Care When asked this question, he said that a good way is to wash or wet the brush before applying the toothpaste. This cleans the dust and other dirt on our toothbrush. When wet with water, the bristles of the brush become soft and it becomes easier for us to clean our teeth. There is no danger to oral health due to this. It is completely wrong that the brush should not be wet before applying toothpaste. The toothbrush should be cleaned thoroughly before and after use.

How to protect the brush from dust?

Toothbrush is kept in the house and many times it gets dusty. Now the question arises that if there is dust on the toothbrush, then how to use the brush in that condition. On this, Dr. Abhishek Goyal says that if the toothbrush has become dirty or has dust on it, wash it thoroughly with water and use it. If there is a lot of dust in the house, then after using the toothpaste, wash it thoroughly and keep it with a cap. This will not make the brush dirty and you will be able to use it properly. If the toothbrush becomes too dirty, then it should not be used. In such a condition, you should use a new brush.

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How to clean teeth

According to the doctor, to clean the teeth, brushing should be done 2 times a day. Apart from morning, you sleep after brushing at night. By doing this, the health of the teeth will remain better. Use a good quality toothbrush to clean your teeth. Poor quality brushes can damage your teeth and gums. It is also worth noting that the toothbrush should be changed every 3-4 months. Brushing should be done for at least 2-3 minutes and the teeth should be cleaned thoroughly. In case of any problem, the dentist should be contacted.

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