Is popcorn safe for weight loss? learn here

Popcorn for weight loss: Popcorn is called a wonderful time pass snack all over the world. Popcorns are not only great in taste, but they are also a safe snack for weight loss. Some people have a misconception that eating popcorn increases weight and belly fat. While popcorn is a healthy and safe snack for weight loss. Popcorn is a high fiber snack. Air popped popcorn has very less calories than any other popular snack. There are about 31 calories in a cup of popcorn. Due to the abundance of fiber and low calories, it has the ability to lose weight. Let us know how eating popcorn reduces weight and how many benefits the body can get from it.

How does popcorn reduce weight?
Rich source of fiber and antioxidants
healthline According to the report, popcorn contains a wealth of fiber and polyphenols antioxidants. About 15 grams of fiber is found in 100 grams of popcorn. Fiber not only reduces obesity, but has also been considered capable of preventing diabetes and heart diseases.
Apart from this, the polyphenols antioxidants found in it protect our cells from damage by free radicals. It has also been confirmed in a study that popcorn contains a large amount of polyphenols antioxidants.

popcorn made in microwave is harmful
healthline There are many ways to enjoy popcorn, but the easiest and most popular is the pre-packaged (PFOA) microwave variety. Most microwave bags contain perfluctanoic acid, which is considered very dangerous for our health. Artificial butter flavor is also used in this, which also includes a chemical compound called diacetyl. Even this can harm our body.

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