It is easy to understand Priyanka Chopra’s disease autism in ‘Barfi’, if you see 7 symptoms in children, go to the doctor immediately

World Autism Awareness Day 2023: Be it the small child Ishaan Awasthi in the film ‘Taare Zameen Par’ or Priyanka Chopra’s character in the film ‘Barfi’, both had one thing in common. Both were suffering from autism. Autism is a behavioral condition related to the development of the brain in which the child feels very uncomfortable in moving and meeting others and is always scared. In this, the child always does some of the same activities. The child has a lot of trouble with social interaction. This condition persists even after growing up, but if the symptoms of this psychosis are identified in the beginning, then it can be brought under control to a great extent.

According to the Mayo Clinic, many conditions related to autism are together called autism spectrum disorders. In this, problems arise in dealing with others, in social contact and interaction. Many types of symptoms appear together in autism, hence the word spectrum has been added to it. Earlier autism, Asperger syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder were considered as separate disorders but now all these are called autism spectrum disorder.

When does autism start
The onset of this disorder starts in some children from one year itself. But between 18 and 24 months, clear signs of autism begin to appear.

symptoms of autism

1. Failure to make eye contactFrom the age of one year, the child starts shying away from making eye contact with others. However, different symptoms are seen in different children.

2. Not reacting to hearing the nameWhen children are called by name, they do not respond to it.

3. Learning difficultiesSome children have a lot of difficulty in learning, despite a million attempts, they are unable to learn. But some children have amazing ability to learn.

4. Intelligence more or less than normalSome children may have less intelligence than normal. Although some children also have a lot more intelligence than normal. Such children learn very quickly but cannot explain it to others because there is difficulty in communicating with others.

5.Difficulty in normal activitiesSome children also have difficulty in doing normal tasks. He is not even able to do daily work properly.

6. Trouble in contact with others-Some children have trouble interacting with others. He can’t make eye contact with anyone. As soon as he comes near another, he has a different face.

7. Robot VoiceSome children also have difficulty in speaking. He starts speaking like a robot’s voice.

have treated
There is no 100% cure for autism, but if taken to the doctor in the beginning, this pathology can be managed to a great extent. It is important to pay attention to it from preschool itself. This requires treatment on many fronts. Training is also given to parents and family. Apart from this, they are treated differently in school. Doctors give psychological therapy. Some medicines are also given. Therefore, if you see these symptoms in your children, take them to the doctor immediately.

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