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It is important for parents to understand these problems of single child


Being alone at home can lead to depression in the child.
Parents’ expectations from single children increase significantly.

Parenting Tips: In the rapidly changing world, from parents to children, everyone is running at their own pace. Due to the increasing pressure of work and the desire to move forward while competing, the family is getting left behind. Its effect is seen on every member of the family equally. The trend of single child has increased rapidly amidst increasing responsibilities. Parents believe that it is better if the responsibility of a child is handled well. Apart from this, parents agree that raising more than one child can be difficult amidst increasing needs and expenses. According to WeHavKids, apart from having the advantages of a single child, there are also some disadvantages. Let us know what is that loss.

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Disadvantages of being a single child

The child feels lonely The child does not find such a member of his age at home, with whom he can share his things and play. So he feels lonely.

The child becomes stubborn When the child is alone and all his words are accepted, it is possible that he becomes stubborn. This can prove to be bad for both the parents and the child.

Parents’ expectations increase When the child is alone, then all the expectations of the parents rest on the child, which at times disappoints both the parents and the child.

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The child may be depressed The increasing parental pressure on the child increases the additional burden on him, due to which the child may become depressed.

Unable to prepare for challenges Being the only child of the parents, the parents fulfill every need and demand of the child, due to which the child is not ready for the challenges.

Self-confidence declines Being alone at home, the child does not talk much with anyone. He feels a lack of confidence in a public place, because he has not seen a child of his age close by.

There is no sense of division in the child. Being alone, the child has got all the facilities for himself, in such a situation it is difficult for that child to share his things and toys with others.

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