It is important to recognize the symptoms of oldest child syndrome, know how to avoid it


The child starts behaving like this in the absence of love.
The child’s behavior may change because of another child.
Parents should give equal responsibilities to both the children.

What is Oldest Child Syndrome? Birth order only tells that in which order the person was born among the siblings. Means he is elder, middle or youngest in the house. But many times the children, especially the elder children, are found ruling or hating the siblings. These symptoms are called the oldest child syndrome, which can often be seen in the eldest child of the house. According to Alfred Adler’s Birth Order Theory, the effect of a person’s birth order is visible on his personality. Sometimes parents do not pay attention to this, but after the arrival of the second child, there is often a change in the behavior and demand of the elder child. Many children also become very aggressive. Let us know why this syndrome occurs and what are its symptoms.

What is oldest child syndrome
Have you ever noticed that the elder child of the house is competing with the younger siblings or doing tantrums to convince them. According to Mom, if the child does this behavior repeatedly, then it can be a sign of the oldest child syndrome.

This situation often happens when a sibling enters the house and changes start coming in life. The attention of the parents is more on the younger child than on the older one. Sometimes this situation becomes stressful and disorder related obstruction starts forming in children. Generally, the main reason for this syndrome can be jealousy.

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Oldest child syndrome symptoms
When the elder child of the house experiences lack of love and belonging, then such symptoms can be included in his behavior.
– Dominating or dominating a sibling
Always wanting to be perfect
Pressure from parents’ expectations
– think about yourself
– unhealthy competitive attitude
– obsessive personality
– Parents encouraging the other child
More control by parents

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how to deal with them
Parents should not expect more from the elder child. Let him grow up according to his age.
Give equal responsibilities to both the children so that there is no doubt in his mind.
Parents should spend some time alone with the elder child.
– Provide special rights to children.
Give equal love and respect to all children.
Do not ignore the talk of the elder child.
It is normal for the behavior of the elder child to change after the arrival of the second child in the house, but in such a situation, the parents have to handle the child with patience. For this, parents can also consult a doctor.

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