Jack Ma, who was once Asia’s richest, returned home, stayed at Badar for a year and a half, did…


Jack Ma talks with teachers at Hangzhou’s Yungu School.
For many days, the Chinese government had kept an eye on the Alibaba Group.
The IPO of the group’s fintech firm Ant Group was also stopped by the government.

New Delhi. Alibaba founder Jack Ma (Alibaba Founder Jack Ma) have returned to China. He left China at the end of 2021 and after that his pictures came out from countries like Japan, Australia and Thailand. After criticism of state banks, the Chinese government banned Alibaba Group. (Alibaba Group) And Jack Ma was strict. After this Jack Ma had left China. A year and a half later, Ma reached Yungu School in his hometown, Hangzhou. Here is also the headquarter of Alibaba. An article posted on the school’s WeChat account on Monday reported that Ma spoke to teachers at the school about the challenges artificial intelligence poses to education.

A CNBC report said that the return of Alibaba founder Jack Ma to China after 18 months indicates that the Chinese government is now taking a soft stand towards the tech giant. By calling Jack Ma back to China, the government also wants to send a message to other entrepreneurs that the government’s attitude towards entrepreneurs is not negative. Many experts are also considering Ma’s return to China as the result of reconciliation between President Xi Jinping and the Alibaba founder.

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