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Janmashtami 2022: Decorate the plate of worship with the help of these tips to please Laddu Gopal

Janmashtami Pooja Thali Decoration: The festival of Janmashtami, which is celebrated across the country on August 18, is speaking loudly on everyone. Everyone has bought from the market. On the occasion of Laddu Gopal’s birthday, preparations have started from decorating them to offering Ukna Bhog. Every devotee wants to leave no stone unturned to please Kanha from his side. If you feel that you are missing something, then let us remind you that if you have not yet prepared the Janmashtami thali, then do not take tension. Today we are giving you some tips with the help of which you can decorate the plate of worship. What’s the delay, let’s know these tips with the help of which you can please Lord Kanha.

plate can be decorated with rice
This time you can decorate the Janmashtami puja thali with rice. Yes, you first divide the rice into different parts, after that paint it with the color of your choice. After this, to decorate the plate, first paste some colorful cloth paper. Now decorate the plate with Kanha’s favorite things like peacock feathers, flute, his favorite food, flowers and worship materials. Now paste the colored rice by applying glue on the plate.

You can also decorate the plate with pearls
You can also decorate the puja plate with pearls for a heavy look. First of all, stick a cloth or paper on the plate. Now take different colored stones and pearls and stick the beads making a special pattern or a picture of Kanha with glue.

Flowers are also a good option
You can also use artificial or real flowers to decorate the plate.
Make a pattern on the plate by sticking the petals of flowers with the help of glue. This plate will also look very beautiful to see.

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