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Janmashtami 2022: Read Hafeez Jalandhari’s poem ‘Krishna Kanhaiya’ on Janmashtami


Grand decoration of temples is done on Janmashtami.
Many composers have described the form of Shri Krishna.

Janmashtami 2022: Janmashtami has special significance in Hinduism. According to the Hindu calendar, every year Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in Rohini Nakshatra on the eighth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. In the year 2022, Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on 18 or 19 August. On this day the devotees of Lord Krishna take a vow to fast and get absorbed in the devotion of the Lord. They try to please Madhav by chanting Chalisa, Aarti, Bhajan, Stuti and Mantra etc. The decoration of temples is worth seeing on this day.

Many famous poets and composers wrote compositions on Shri Krishna. Many composers have described the form of Shri Krishna. Read Hafeez Jalandhari’s Nazm todayKrishna Kanhaiya,

Krishna Kanhaiya – Hafeez Jalandhri

oh see
look at this beauty
understand this secret
Yeh Naqsh-e-Khayali
Yeh fiqrat-e-ali
Yeh Packer-e-Tanveer
this picture of krishna
It means that Surat
It is true that nature
obviously that mastur
near or far
Is this Naar or Noor?

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out of the world
this flute wala
Gokul’s cowboy
hai sehar ki ejaz
the secret does not open
what a glory Valhalla
what aan hai vallah
am surprised what
I’m proud
inside the fetish
own beauty fetish
become a fetish
those stormy sights
forgot all
banks of jamuna
Vegetable Lahna
smell of flowers
pour down
all winds
innocent sparks
waves of uproar
with the gopis
hand in hand
Raksan Hua Brijnath
what is the rhythm in bansi
no addiction
there is something else
I have a soul
Ik Kaif Hai Larzaan
There is a wisdom may-nosh
I am conscious
Ek Khanda Hai Sayyal
I am happy
I have love
ek beauty is forced
I am famous

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lonely in the court
helpless krishna
aa shyam come here
Sab Ahl-e-Khusoomat
are rate per respect
these secrets
all foolish
Don’t be a curtain
Shame on Becks
come my black
light of india
hide in the arm
she became un-ban
that hot run
Duryodhana is wrong
He has come Jagdish
she got lost
called Arjuna
what is sorrow
what’s wrong with the master
It has happened
lo become fate
Come on shamsheer
Seerat Hai Adu-Soz
Surat Nazar-Afroz
Dil Kaifiyat-Andoz
who gets angry
power down
and enjoy
So rob the house too

gulfam in fairies
Shyam for Radha
Balarama’s Bhayya
Mathura’s Basayya
Kanhaiya in Bindra
have become brave
wasted bullets
friends are troubled

Hafeez Jalandhari’s poem ‘Krishna Kanhaiya’

edge of jamuna
Sarah is deserted
storms are silent
no enthusiasm for fun
the flame is from you
that’s the laugh
O king of hind
come again
pain go away
from abra and air
Bulbul’s forever
from flowers
magic spell missing
Shorida-sari missing
yes your separation
no brother to mathura
If you come, you will be proud
If you come, you will know
don’t come alone
be with those fairs
mistresses of friends

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